7 Best Engine Hoists and Levelers for the Money Review

By Maria Conner

Engine HoistsThere are a number of circumstances in which the use of an Engine Hoist can be useful, and often it is used as an option when changing fuel types. This article is intended to provide you with some insight into using the Hoist to make fuel changes.

When you need to change your oil, you have to disassemble your engine, drain the oil and clean the engine. This can be a bit time consuming and hazardous for your health. If you want a smoother running engine and remove a build-up of oil, then you may want to consider a best engine hoist brands for smooth engine operation. It does this task very well.

When you change your fuel type, you also need to disassemble your engine and find a way to drain the fuel. Usually, the fuel system is connected to a fuel pump. When you do this, the fuel pump can become clogged and the fuel begins to run out of the filler neck, out of the tank and even get into the spark plug.

When you turn off the engine, you must remove the gas tank and discard it. You also need to remove the fuel lines, fuel filter and fill the fuel tank with the correct amount of fuel. This can be done very easily with the help of a fuel hose and then connect the pump and spark plug to the Hoist to ensure you don’t have any leaks.

Once the gas tank is removed, you can now drain the gas and check the level of gas. You will then need to attach the fuel hose to the hoist, tighten the bolts and use it to remove the fuel lines. Once the gas line is removed, you can now check the level of gas with the hoist. You also need to replace the dipstick for fuel and air.

Once you have checked the level of gas, you can attach the new fuel hose to the Hoist and ensure that the lines are tightened. You can now refill the fuel tank and disconnect the fuel pump, as this can prevent leaks from occurring.

You can then connect the gas lines and ensure that you have complete connection. Replace the dipstick and fill the fuel tank with the correct amount of fuel.

Sometimes, there can be issues with the fuel pumps, such as broken connections or excessive wear and tear. These can be dealt with by purchasing a new Fuel Pump and if necessary, putting the pump on the Hoist. This can ensure that you have complete fuel flow.

Another time when you may need a Hoist is when you need to change your fuel type. When you do this, the Hoist can be used to help you add or remove air into the fuel system. The fuel pump can then be removed, and the Hoist can then help fill the fuel tank.

If you need to change your engine oil, the Hoist can be used to add or remove oil. The engine will still require the help of a jack and a friend, as it can be dangerous. This can be done by connecting the hoist to a drum and adding the required amount of oil.

The Hoist is not only used for changing the fuel type. It can also be used for any of a number of other reasons. It is a very simple system and can be used to make changes to the fuel systems of cars, trucks, motor homes, boats and motorcycles.

Many users who have typically rented hoists recommend purchasing them, saying that after two applications they’ve paid for themselves- and since they fold up they’re not too much of a nuisance to keep in your garage.

Engine CraneOur RatingPrice
2 Load Foldable Engine Hoist Cherry Picker Crane Lift watts/ 8 Load Hydraulic Ram memory4.6$$$
Torin Capital t32001 Engine Hoist – 2 Load4.2$$$$
Best Choice Products® New 2 Load Engine Hoist Cherry Picker Vessel Crane Folding Lift4.3$$$
2 Load Capacity Folding Cherry Picker Foldable Engine Hoist4.8$$$
Strongway Hydraulic Engine Hoist with Weight Leveler – 2-Load Capacity, 1in.-82 5/8iand. Lift Range5.0$$$

The Five Best Engine Crane Hoists For 2020

1. 2 Load Foldable Engine Hoist Cherry Picker Crane Lift watts/ 8 Load Hydraulic Ram memory

This engine hoist is definitely a useful, well-thought device made from high-quality steel that would help you lift weighty tons. Users appreciate that the steel wheels allow them to move the engine hoist in any direction and that the crane is sturdy, stable and can be folded when there is no need for it. But some note that it was not very easy for them to assemble it.

With a folded size of 58” x 37” x 22” and a working size of 65” x 41” x 37” the engine winch has a boom range of 102 inches, square tube legs made from thick steel, a vertical thick mast made from premium steel, a 12” steel chain, and a 5/16” hook, an 8-ton hydraulic ram and a boom capacity up to 1000 lbs. It seems like a very efficient tool if you are looking for good quality and a price.

The general consensus is that people love this high-grade motor crane. They comment that the cherry picker lift is well-thought, solidly build and the hardware is of high quality.

One user shared that the motor winch was simple to function, worked well great and the delivery was fast, while another described that he handled to draw 2002 jaguar engine up with the aid of the collapsible winch and he was extremely delighted with the worth and quality of the item. One additional buyer distributed that the capability to collapse it into an even more small type was a great benefit for him.

Nevertheless, many clients make a complaint that the guidelines were extremely ambiguous or created in a small printing.

Video Summary

  • Solid metal building
  • Easy to operate and fold
  • Good boom capacity
  • No clear assembly instructions

2. Torin T32001 Engine Hoist – 2 Ton

This 2-ton Torin engine hoist is well-designed, sturdy and a foldable tool made from steel that would help you do your heaving lifting. Users love that this vehicle winch is exceptionally strong, stable, very easy to operate, maneuver and store when the heavy work is usually done. But some customers take note that some parts of the raising crane do not suit well.

With a functioning size of 59.8 back button 21.3 back button 6.3 in . and a lifting range from 1 inch to 78.75 in ., this engine winch has 6 wheels for additional mobility, four possible boom positions, a boom capacity up to 1000 lbs. and an 8-heap heavy duty lengthy memory. It’s worthy of taking into consideration if you are ever in want of an assisting mechanised hands.

Generally, users are extremely delighted with the Torin engine crane – they compliment its flexibility and how easy it is certainly to build and control it. One customer stocks that he maintained to lift his 66 LeMans engine without complications and that it proved helpful extremely well with all changes.

A delighted customer expresses his satisfaction with the design, manufacture and customer support, while another comments how easy it to fold the winch by just pulling a pin, folding the legs and putting the pin back. However, some customers have complained that the motor engine hoist came with missing hardware parts and recommend checking the package on introduction.

Video Overview

  • Great quality
  • Easy to work and also to move around
  • Great increase capability
  • Foldable
  • Complications with lacking equipment
  • Deal was shipped in poor circumstances

3. Greatest Choice Items® New 2 Heap Engine Hoist Cherry Picker Cruise ship Crane Flip Lift

This 2-heap cherry picker crane is certainly a long lasting and well-made item from high- quality metal that would lift your car’s engine with no complications. Users appreciate that the electric motor hoist is certainly simple to work, control and transportation.

Nevertheless, some clients take note that for them it was tough to put together the 2- lot motor hoist due to poor instructions. This engine winch has a closed boom height of 4 inches and a max opened boom height of about 8 inches and a boom capacity up to 1000 lbs. combined with an 8-lot ram hydraulic cylinder.

Folded away this vehicle crane has a size of 31″ x 29″ times 50″ and could be kept easily in your garage, so it seems like a good choice if you are looking for a high-quality hoist.

Generally, people are happy with the overall performance and quality of the 2-lot cherry picker electric motor hoist – they are delighted that it’s steady more than enough, extremely heavy duty, well-built and that the consumer provider is extremely reactive. One consumer stocks that he maintained to hoist both the engine and transmitting of his car with this electric motor crane with no complications.

He also still left them dangling for a few times and the crane didn’t move an inches. Another one remarks that the lift arm rest is fine and lengthy and he provides no complications achieving an engine correctly and properly.

The biggest issue the majority of the clients have got can be that the lifting crane came with some missing hardware parts and packages had been delivered in very poor condition.

  • Sturdy steel build
  • Stable
  • Well-built
  • Good growth capacity and range
  • Foldable
  • Sometimes missing hardware
  • Arrives in two packages in poor condition
  • Unclear teaching for assembly

4. 2 Load Capacity Folding Cherry Picker Foldable Engine Hoist

The 2-load cherry picker surrendering engine crane is normally well-built, durable and a simple to make use of item produced from superior metal. Users appreciate that this cherry picker lift works well and that it could end up being flattened and kept apart.

Nevertheless, some clients take note that the collapsible engine crane landed with lacking parts. The foldable electric motor winch provides a folded size of 58″ a 37″ a 22″ and a functioning size of 58″ a 37″ a 22″, plus 3″ a 3″ rectangular pipe hip and legs, a dense metal straight mast, a cast steel chain, and a catch. So, if you are looking for a great quality, this folding engine crane is definitely a solid choice.

Generally, purchasers are pleased with the quality and price of the 2-load cherry picker lift. One reviewer affirms that the crane worked well flawlessly right after he put it collectively, while another one shares that he is definitely very pleased with the quality and features of the engine hoist, but brings up that it came missing a wheel.

Another buyer described how the engine crane arrived in two separate cheap cardboard boxed and that the first box was in very poor condition. He is happy with the engine itself, noting that it’s stable and works well, but for him the legs are not as wide apart as he would have preferred.

  • Well-built
  • Made from steel
  • Foldable
  • Easy to operate
  • Delivered in 2 distinct containers

5. Strongway Hydraulic Engine Lifter with Fill Leveler – 2-Bunch Capability, 1in.-82 5/8iin. Lift Range

The 2-bunch Strongway Hydraulic engine lifter is well-designed, well-built and a long lasting device produced from high-grade metal which will increase, lower or move motors and additional weighty tons with no sizeable work. Users like that the engine winch can be durable, simple to control and that it comes with a fill lever.

With a folded size of 28 back button 29 back button 60 ins, and a working size of 64 x 39 x 51 inches, this 2-ton motor hoist has a lifting range from 1 inch to 82 inches, six wheels, a boom capacity of 4000 lbs, a 6-ton long ram jack capacity and four boom positions. The fill handle offers a capacity of 1,500-lbs., so it’s easier and safer to handle and position engine, differential, and transmissions. Overall, this looks like a solid option if you are looking for an engine hoist.

Generally, users were very pleased with the performance of the lifting engine crane – they find it very sturdy and heavy-duty, but easy to control and move about. One client stocks his tips that this 2-bunch engine lifter is usually a requirement for each garage area.

He discovers the procedure of putting together the lifter to become challenging and nerve-wracking, but for him, the eliminate result can be well worth the problems.

  • High-grade metal
  • Well-built
  • Great growth capability
  • Fill lever included
  • Challenging set up

Buying Information




Shipping concerns

Users say that these are truck-ship items and the cardboard boxes that they arrived and are pretty much decimated when they appear. Some users, especially one that purchased his engine hoist at a warehouse discount, did comment that some pieces were missing- while annoying, they were quickly procured a regional equipment shop.

What we have got generally noticed, is certainly that it’s worthy of spending the extra cash to purchase a shop crane that isn’t very poorly constructed- for a couple hundred dollars more and you’ll be able to purchase a sturdier and longer-lasting engine crane without shoddy manufacturing.

Shipping can be a bit hit or miss- with such a heavy product with so many loose parts there can sometimes be issues with missing components or disintegrated packaging but in general they appear fully functional.

Final thoughts

All that said, if you are an automotive technician or home amateur that provides typically hired one of these products when requiring to execute an engine change, you could be thinking about purchasing a store crane if you discover yourself often executing duties that need it because hiring it is certainly even more costly than buying it.