AK Chest Rig & Magazine Carriers

By Maria Conner

AK Chest RigA popular type of AK 47 backpack is the Mark I or Mark II AK 47 Chest Rig. This backpack provides greater versatility for gun carrying.

The first problem with a rifle pack is that the “pockets” are not strategically placed for rifle carry. If you decide to carry your rifle in your hand, your hands would be constantly exposed to the rifle sights. This exposes you to the possibility of damaging the sights of the rifle.

The second problem with a rifle pack is the presence of a large amount of storage space. While it may be appropriate for general use, it is not very practical for extended gun carry. Of course, the majority of rifle packs are designed for combat. It is not difficult to see why.

Guns are a serious matter. They should be handled with great care https://tagearplanet.com/best-ak-chest-rig/. And, if something happens to happen to a gun, you want to be able to get it off of you without being seriously injured. That’s why it is important to have a gun backpack that has a large amount of storage space.

There are many different types of AK 47 chest rig. You can purchase one right off the shelf at your local sporting goods store or you can design your own one.

To make your own gun backpack, you should plan out all of the necessary features. You will want to plan out the size of your storage area. How much space do you need for your AK 47 rifle?

Small storage means a smaller rifle. As such, you will want to select a rifle that is small enough to carry comfortably. If you intend to carry your AK in your hand, then a lightweight rifle is best. Most lightweight rifles are collapsible rifles. This means that they can be stored folded up neatly inside of the pack.

But, if you want to carry your AK in your hand, then a heavier weight rifle is required. Heavyweight rifles can be equipped with a folding stock. These types of rifles are generally shorter than a standard rifle and can fit inside the pack.

The chest rig does not only provide protection from the weather but also provides protection from the elements. Since the chest rig will be enclosed in a protective box, it will absorb the moisture from the air.

In addition, the chest rig is made out of various materials, depending on how you intend to use it. There are various things that can be used to create your own AK 47 chest rig.

You can purchase a specific chest rig from an original box. Or, you can simply purchase a piece of chest rig and assemble it yourself.

So, when choosing your AK 47 chest rig, think about what you are going to use it for. Consider the specifications that will make your gun pack most effective and most comfortable.

AK 47 Chest Rig – A Brief Overview

Your AK may be the baddest rifle around. It’s not only an excellent rifle, it looks like it means business, which means that many people know that you do, too. The AK is the high end of low tech, which is very cool

But there’s just one problem. You can’t carry those 30 round publications in your pockets. They’re just too heavy!

So, of program, you need an upper body rig. And not only any chest rig, you need one which works for an AK. There are a number of in the marketplace, but not all of them work very well.

Is definitely that what they put on in all the movies?
Well, no. In the movies, they put on tactical vests, and we will actually evaluate one. But those vests are simply chest rigs without the pouches.

Throughout the Cold War, the communist Chinese used infantry rifles designed by the Russians, from the Mosin Nagant to the SKS to the AK that we know, today. And, in the earliest years, they developed bandoleers for the stripper clips for the bolt-action Mosin and the semi-auto SKS, neither of which had removable publications at the time.

So, in the mid-1950s, the Chinese developed the chest rig for his or her AK-47s. They had taken their bandoleers for stripper clips and redesigned them to add magazine pouches and various other pockets for hands grenades, gun essential oil, battle trophies or whatever. Therefore, the AK-47 chest rig was created.

Completing the Rounds of the Roundup
So, which wins? They are all very good quality chest rigs, but one of these provides what the various other four don’t.

For sheer flexibility, the very best of the bunch may be the Condor MCR7 MOLLE Tactical Ronin Upper body Rig. When you may need to buy ammo pouches and various other attachments, you may use this tactical vest for anything.

If you’re not really out shooting, you can configure it for outdoor festivals or, actually, any situation that will require a whole lot of storage on your own person. And you could even utilize it to ensure your Costume doesn’t break apart!